Adam Blanning, President
Elizabeth Sustick, Vice President, Newsletter Editor, Representative from NAANA
Barbara Bresette-Mills, e-News Editor, Representative from ATHENA
Rihana Rutledge, Representative for AAATNA
Sheila Johns, Representative for NAAMTA
Regina Hansen, Representative for RMTA
Allissa Gaul, Website Coordinator, Representative for SPAN
Sandy Zeese, Membership Secretary, Representative for ATSANA
Leah Walker, Treasurer, Member at large

Adam Blanning, MD

Adam is board-certified in anthroposophic medicine and family medicine, and has served on the faculty of New York Medical College and the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He founded and directs the Denver Center for Anthroposophic Therapies, which offers anthroposophic medicine, therapeutic eurythmy, art therapy, and rhythmic massage. He works as consultant and school doctor for Waldorf schools in Denver and Boulder, and serves on the PAAM board. He also hosts a Western regional medical meeting each October in Denver, where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

Elizabeth Sustick, RN

Elizabeth is a certified Anthroposophic Nurse Specialist with a background in cardiac care nursing, as well as a certified Rhythmical Massage Therapist. She created a parent-toddler program and a parent education forum, Our Healthy Children, at the Hartsbrook Waldorf School, Massachusetts, where she is a longstanding Board member, former parent and grandparent of Waldorf students. Ms. Sustick currently has a private practice for anthroposophic nursing and massage, teaches Nurturing Arts courses to early childhood educators and parents, and teaches doctors about anthroposophic nursing. She initiated and coordinates the first anthroposophic certification nursing training in the U.S., and is a founding member of NAANA (North American Anthroposophic Nursing Association).

Barbara Bresette-Mills

Barbara has a small therapeutic eurythmy practice in Austin, TX and is a board member of ATHENA, the Association for Therapeutic Eurythmy in North America. Also active as a eurythmy teacher and performer; she co-founded Chaparral Eurythmy in 2007 and was a founding member of the Austin Eurythmy Ensemble. She graduated in 1991 from Eurythmy Spring Valley and received her therapeutic diploma in 2007 from the Therapeutic Eurythmy Training, TETNA, in Copake, NY.

Allissa Gaul ND

Allissa is the representative for SPAN, the Society for Physicians of Anthroposophic Naturopathy. Dr. Gaul has been active in regulatory bodies within her profession for over a decade and has been actively practicing naturopathic anthroposophy since 2004 at Resonance Wellness, a clinic that she founded in 1998. Dr. Gaul enjoys a practice filled with multi-generation families and those seeking deep healing insight into life and health.

Leah Walker

Leah has a deep interest in human development and earth evolution, particularly as described by Rudolf Steiner.  She is a biography worker and licensed professional counselor (LPC), as well as a certified homeopath.  She is a faculty member of the Center for Biography and Social Art.  She holds a Master’s degree in educational psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.  She lives in Evanston, Illinois.

Regina Hansen LMT,RMT

Regina was born in Berlin, Germany where she spent her formative years. She did undergraduate work at both the Université de Haute Bretagne in Rennes, France and the Freie Universität Berlin where she also earned the equivalent of a Masters in Education. In 1989 she graduated from East-West College, Portland, Oregon with a license in massage therapy. From 1990 to 2012 she worked in this capacity at the Takacs Clinic in Portland, Oregon. During this time she added to her professional range by graduating from a training in Rhythmical Massage in 2001 and completing a 4-year training in the Feldenkrais Method.  She taught  Awareness through Movement classes and maintained a private practice in addition to her work at the Takacs Clinic. She is now retired and lives in Vancouver, Washington.

Sheila Johns, MM

Sheila is the representative for the North American Anthroposophic Music Therapy Association.  She is a pianist, lyrist, and community musician who also serves as the president of the Lyre Association of North America.  In addition to her university degrees, she completed a training in anthroposophic music therapy through the Dorion School of Music Therapy as well as a training in the Werbeck approach to therapeutic singing from The School for Uncovering the Voice.  She also serves on the core group of the Association for Waldorf Music Education and is active as a mentor for Waldorf music teachers as well as being one of the founding faculty of the Resonare Foundation Course in Music out of Anthroposophy, now in its 9th year.  Sheila currently lives in Cuenca, Ecuador where she is part of an anthroposophic initiave called the Uriel Center for Human Renewal through the Arts and Education where she offers both instrumental and vocal music therapy.

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