Guest Lecturers and Topics of Presentations:

David McGavin MD is a generalist/family practitioner who helped form the Blackthorn Medical Centre in Maidstone, England, a family practice with emphasis in chronic illnesses.  The Centre was joint winner of the 2001 Prince of Wales's Foundation for Integrated Medicine Integrated Healthcare Award. In 2009 Dr. McGavin and therapists joined a pain consultant at the Vanbrugh Community Pain Management Centre in Greenwich, SE London. The group was awarded a grant for a specialty service called Kairos . The center works with patients with persistent pain, and has documented significantly decreased depression, improved health status, and decreased prescribing levels for 29 patients treated there. In April 2017 the British Medical Journal (BMJ) awarded this center for its innovative approach to chronic pain.

Presentation Description
 Dr. McGavin will describe work with patients who have chronic pain, using “spiritual physiology” guidelines provided by Rudolf Steiner. This method involves teamwork of physician, therapists, and the patient’s active participation. Together they attempt to identify what activities or remedies can provide protection but also will challenge  the patient to regain physiologic rhythms and to take initiative toward healing. 

Matthias Girke MD trained in internal medicine with focus on diabetes and palliative care. He is the senior internist at Havelhรถhe, an anthroposophic hospital and clinic in Berlin, which he helped establish. Since 1995, he has been a co-publisher of the Merkurstab, the journal of Anthroposophic Medicine in Germany, and is a leader in the emerging AnthroMed topics website. Since 2016 he has shared  Medical Section leadership at the Goetheanum  with Dr.  Georg Soldner. Dr. Girke is the author of the comprehensive text Internal Medicine: Foundations and Therapeutic Concept of Anthroposophic Medicine.

Presentation Description
: Dr. Girke will discuss the nature of pain as it relates to humanity’s fourfold nature, and  how physicians and other therapists can help address these distinct pain experiences.  He will also describe how educated observation can recognize and accompany the seriously ill and dying patient in the experiences and stages of development associated with approaching the threshold.    

Stefan Schmidt-Troschke MD is a pediatrician and holds an MBA in  Epidemiology. In 2003 he founded the “Physicians for Individual Decisions on Vaccination” network in Germany. He was Medical Director of Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Herdecke, a community and university teaching hospital focusing on integrative Medicine, from 2003 to 2013. Since 2014, Dr. Schmidt-Troschke has been CEO of GESUNDHEIT AKTIV – Anthroposophische Heilkunst e.V., a national patient organization in Germany. He has numerous publications and lectures centering around Public Health, mother and child care, and Anthroposophic and Integrative Medicine . He continues to partner in a private anthroposophic pediatric outpatient clinic in Berlin. Dr Schmidt-Troschke is Secretary of the European Federation of Patients in Anthroposophic Medicine (EFPAM), Board member of ELIANT, and member of The International Coordination Board of Anthroposophic Medicine at the Medical Section in Dornach/Switzerland.

Presentation Description
: The process of the “U”, discovered by Rudolf Steiner and modified by Friedrich Glasl and Otto Scharmer can be adapted into a model of self-development and self-healing. It may serve as pathway contributing to the recovery from chronic pain and chronic disease. In this lecture, we will explore how the “U” model can support therapeutic potential by strengthening the healthy integration of the threefold and fourfold processes of the human being.  Practical applications for health promotion and secondary prevention of chronic pain and chronic disease will be presented.

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